Rens RADAX A60/A40
Shielded Coil System

RENS Radax A60/A40 Search Coil...designed to greatly enhance detection of long thin pieces of metal--such as nails--in all orientations.

The coil is custom built with the inside opening size of the coil determined by the maximum log diameter plus adequate clearance to allow for a metal free conveyor section and log irregularity. However, minimum practical coil size should be specified since smaller coils have higher sensitivity. The RADAX A60 is best for scanning logs due to its six search faces and their closeness to the log surface. Depending on the type of conveyor, the square RADAX A40 may be more practical to install.

The RADAX coil installs in the center of a ten to fourteen-foot long metal free conveyor section. The section provides the necessary metal free area and coil protection as it channels the log through the coil. RENS custom builds fiberglass sections to fit the A60 coil. Customer's steel may need to include a transition to match the fiberglass section. With most A40 coils the fiberglass section can be custom built to match the customer's conveyor. Chain flights must be two to three-feet away from the coil. A rubber belt conveyor section is used to convey the logs through the coil. For maximum wear, the fiberglass section bottom should be lined with UHMW or similar low friction material.


Complete System

- Model LS345 Control Instrument
- Custom Built RADAX Search Coil
- 50 ft. Lead & Spare Parts


Install the coil and fiberglass section at sufficient distance from the machinery to be protected to allow for belt travel after the detector shuts down the drive motor. The useable sensitivity setting will depend primarily on the environmental conditions near the search coil and therefore, it is important to reduce vibration and to place the search coil in an area free from moving masses of metal. Consideration should also be given to practical removal of the contaminated logs.

The Radax search coil and fiberglass section support structure may be installed directly on the conveyor. If installed on the conveyor support stringers, a non-metal material should be placed between the search coil and stringers to prevent direct coil to metal contact. If a metal support structure is made independent of the conveyor. All structural steel members in the environment near the search coil must be welded in addition to bolting.

It is important that the fiberglass (or wood) section does not contact any coil inside surfaces, even when under maximum load conditions. We suggest 3/4"-1" clearance between the coil and section. In the construction of the metal free section do not use metal fasteners inside the coil area nor within a one foot distance from the entrance and exit of the coil .

A60 Detection

Average percentage of different size nails throughout the coil aperture in thirteen factory tested orientations.

A60 Detection

Above detection capabilities based belt speeds of 100-350 fpm on the High Sensitivity setting.
For sizes not shown above or for A40 search coils, contact the factory.

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