A Brief History of
RENS Metal Detectors Company

RENS Metal Detectors Company was founded in 1946 by Peyton J. Nelson. Captain Nelson had just left active duty with the army after service in Europe and North Africa during World War II.

Mr. Nelson and his wife relocated to the rural setting of the Willamette Valley in Oregon where they established RENS, a small electronics manufacturing company with the goal of developing a practical vacuum tube device to detect metal on a moving conveyor, thereby protecting process machinery from damage by tramp metal. RENS was a pioneer in developing this application. RENS Electronic metal detectors were first used in the forest products industry in the protection of fuel hogs and chippers.

These metal detectors soon found wide acceptance throughout the forest products as the benefits of their use became more known and appreciated.

RENS continued to grow and was incorporated in 1956 to manufacture, market and service metal detectors for industry and law enforcement.

Early in the decade of the 1970's, RENS became one of the primary world-wide suppliers fo metal detectors used by airlines to combat aircraft high jacking. RENS metal detectors were used throughout the world for this purpose.

In 1977, Michael J. Nelson, son of the founder, was installed as President and CEO of RENS and has continued to run the business to date. The founder of the company continues to play an active part in the research and development end of the business. Their are approximately 20 employees currently working for RENS, most of which who have been with RENS from 10 to 30 years, and some employees retired from RENS who still work part time.

Refinement and development of new equipment designs have continued unabated through the years thus incorporating the latest of electronic development with the quality that RENS is famous for.

RENS has been in business for more than fifty years and appreciates the privilege of supplying high quality metal detectors to the world.

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