Fiberglass SECTIONS by Rens

Fiberglass Sections RENS large heavy duty sections are designed to provide the required metal free conveyor section for RENS Metal Detectors with A30, A50, HEX, RADAX A60 and A40 Search Coil Systems.

These systems provide quality metal detection for scanning logs or other large bulky materials.

Sections are usually 1" thick and are custom built for each application.

Additional features such as reinforced areas, stiffening ribs, UHMW liners and special cross section configurations may be incorporated.

Fiberglass Sections

Need For Fiberglass Sections
Fiberglass Sections are designed to provide metal free area near the Search Coil and specifically fore and aft of the Search Coil Opening; and to protect the Search Coil from material, as it passes through the coil aperture.

Sections are custom built to conform to the coil opening. Section length varies depending on Search Coil size and the required sensitivity level--higher sensitivity generally requiring a longer Section (larger metal free area).

Special Considerations
Each Section is custom built to meet customers specific needs. Sections may be built to match exactly to customers existing or proposed conveyor cross section. In other instances a transition Section may be required to provide a smooth material passage between the existing conveyor configuration and the Fiberglass Section.

A Section for U shaped coils may incorporate end flanges for attachment to the steel flanges of the conveyor. Sections for use with Surround Coils can have end flanges at one end only, since the Section has to pass through the coil for installation.

Generally the Section is supported and rests on several 4x wood support frames (one at each end of the Section, one fore and aft of the Search Coil, and others depending on the Section length). A 1" clearance must be maintained between the Search Coil aperture and the outside surface of the Section. In most instances the Search Coil installs in the center of the Section.

Quote Information
For a quote from RENS on a Fiberglass Section, please furnish us with a cross section drawing of your conveyor.

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