Metal Detector Check List For A Belt Conveyor

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City: State:

Zip: Phone:


Problem Metals
Smallest Size Metal to be detected:in. X in. X in.
Metal Type(s):

Processed Materials
Processed Materials:
Contain Iron: Yes No If yes, what type? %iron

General Facility Information
Equipment to be Protected:
Power voltage available: 115 VAC 220 VAC Other
Power Phase: Single Three phase Power Frequency: 50Hz 60Hz
Is power regulated? Yes No
Will Metal Detector output be routed to a Central Computer Control? Yes No
Conveyor Support Frame: Steel Wood Other

Belt Conveyor
Normal Burden Depth or Log Dia.: Max. Burden Depth/Log Dia.:
Belt Width [ BW ] SpeedFPM
Conveyor belt must be vulcanized, metallic fasteners may not be used. Steel core belts may not be used.

a. If belt runs in FORMED CONVEYOR PAN:
Width at bottom of pan (I.D.) at top
Conveyor inside height (vertical)

b. If belt runs ON IDLERS:
Idler Spacing [ IS ] Diameter
Belt Sag under load [ BS] Inside Frame Width [ FW ]
Troughed Idlers Equal Length? Yes No Length
Idler Angle [ A ] Side Skirts? Yes No
Length Height
Welded or Bolted
Clearance [ C ] between belt (under load) and top of frame (steel stringers).

cross section drawing

Metal Free Conveyor Section
Existing Planned
Wood Fiberglass Other
Length Thickness I.D.

Please include cross section drawing/sketch of conveyor when ordering a custom built fiberglass conveyor section from RENS Manufacturing Co.

Metal Free Conveyor Section required for all metal detectors. Length required dependent on size and type of metal detector search coil.

Use Space below to describe your operation if different from above and/or to give us any other pertinent information.

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